David Robbins

° 1957

Lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (United States), born in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin (United States).

[David Robbins](http://www.davidrobbinsartist.com/) is an artist and author. His work explores areas of overlap between art, entertainment, and comedy while advancing a transformation of the position of the artist in the visual system. As an artist he is best known for his 1986 work entitled *Talent*, eighteen "entertainer's headshots" of contemporary artists including Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, Jenny Holzer and others, as well as *The Ice Cream Social*, a project comprising installations, performances, a novella, a TV pilot, and numerous other media. Among his books are *Concrete Comedy: An Alternative History of Twentieth-Century* (2011) and *High Entertainment* (2009), both of which propound what Robbins terms "alternatives to art."

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