C K Rajan

° 1960

Born in Kerala (IN), lives in Hyderabad (IN).

C K Rajan is a member of the Radical Group in the 1980s, a group that takes form at the University of Baroda, from where it fights both the status quo within the Indian art world and  the Indian political system.

Rajan is originally trained as a painter. After the group's disintegration in the late 1980s, he devotes himself both to sculptural works, inspired by pop art, and to a comprehensive series of collages. Rajan continues his political concerns in these works, but in a way that smartly manages to circumvent an explicit didactic approach.

Globalisation had a big impact on India and brought political and economic changes. Rajan tries to find visual equivalents for the social unrest that makes itself felt, but is disguised as the creation of a 'new middle class'. He balances between critical and socially engaged assembly and associations with surrealism.

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