Office Baroque: sketches

Matta cl1

Gordon Matta-Clark

Materials: ink, paper

Schetsen en eerste ontwerpen voor Office Baroque. Deze ontwerpen werden afgewezen door het stadsbestuur en Matta-Clark maakte een interieur-installatie in de plaats.

Matta-Clark verklaart hierover het volgende: "Antwerp was the headquarters of the sea shipping company and will be the site of an Antwerp Hilton. After being obliged to make a major changes in the original project, the work was done totally internally using all five floors and the roof. For the first time it was possible to orchestrate a multy leved structure using two circular arches that modulate the space as the shape and size of rooms change up through the building. The result is a series arabesque slices opening whole building to a ever changing promenade of views internal views."

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