Conversation with Lenin (Post of an artist-autodidact)

Haim Sokol


Materials: mixed media

The installation is part of the MASPPRO activity, the Russian abbreviation for ‘The Studio of Applied Protest’. This activity is practical and rooted in everyday life, and at the same time is utopian, aimed at achieving a better future. MASPPRO specializes in creating mobile objects of resistance, training, and agitation in public space. These objects are often adapted for both housing and protest work combining therefore elements from private interiors and public spaces such as libraries, workers’ clubs, cinemas. The practice of MASPPRO is grounded in the experience of homeless people, refugees, migrants and combines the traditions of Russian constructivism with children’s games. A special attention is paid by the Studio to the search for alternative ways of public commemoration based on the principles of performativity, mobility, democracy in production and use.

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