A and B you ready to do some Fant. Show?, Wide White Space Gallery, Antwerp 1973

2018 james lee byars photo m hka 47

James Lee Byars


Andere, 12 x 15.7 cm.
Materials: paper invitation card

Collection: Courtesy Depot Isi Fiszman, Brussels.

J.L.B.: "I’m interested in fantasy and I’m interested in dreams and things of that type and it’s very difficult to tell what is and what isn’t, I mean like that."

W.V.D.: "Interested in fantasy, so why do you want people to ask direct questions?"

J.L.B.: "Well I like both, that’s one thing that interests me, but I’m interested in as much ration as people can have too. But like the airplane (a pink silk airplane for 100) to me is a great fantasy."

W.V.D.: "Just fantasy?"

J.L.B.: "No not just fantasy, but fantasy."

From: James Lee Byars / Antwerp 18 April-7 May 1969, Jef cornelis, First broadcast: VRT 1, 28/11/1969

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