Panamarenko, Raven's Variable Matrix



Poster, 49 x 72 cm.
Materials: ink, paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp.

"I always thought that posters have a special impact, which goes far beyond the purely informative. I use the poster to show the dream of what I'm busy with in advance. With the right sketch of drawing or whatever you can evoke the atmosphere of adventure, which says much more than my oeuvre than just an invitation card with my name and date on it ... "

− Panamarenko

Year after year Panamarenko has amazed the art world with spectacular constructions with a peculiar beauty, playful and impressive. With his drawings, collages, scientific expositions and utopian pamphlets he has constantly found new ways - whether or not cosmic or intra-galactic.

Those bulknesses and differences can be read from an impressive number of Panamarenko posters. A small selection is shown here. Some of them are iconic images in the artist's oeuvre.

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