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©image: M HKA

Mutation, 2009

"Some ideological sculptures I 'bring' to post-modernism with my own hands, or expose them to a process of de-ideologization... Let's take the example of a small bust of Lenin - if it is stretched horizontally, it becomes like Genghis Khan. If it is crushed vertically, it will look like Giacometti. If you increase the size of its lips, it turns out to be Lumumba - this reminds us of the similarities between African and Kyrgyz riots. The main meaning and method, which is used in creating the sculptures in this project, is the instability and fluidity of the situation in Central Asia."
(Yerbossyn Meldibekov, quote from an essay published in the catalogue of the exhibition "Lingua Franca”, Central Asian Pavilion, 54th Venice Biennale 2011)