Muurkrant, fragmenten uit 'Tagebuch einer zorniger Zeitkritik', 1966 - 1967 [Wall Newspaper, fragments from 'Diary of an Angry Critique of the Time', 1966 - 1967]

Toon Tersas


Collage, variable dimensions.
Materials: ink, paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK007450).

Newspaper cutouts, fragments of texts, bills, fantasy lands, logos, calligraphies, stamps, humans and animals, collected from the reservoir of our everyday life, are the things that Toon Tersas shows us. However, he subjects these things to an additional edit, by representing them in a nigh-impossible way. With his techniques, Tersas defies all ideas and methods known to us: he employs the signs of pop-art, of dada, of the collagists, but through the absence of a 'grand gesture' and the effect of delay caused by the laborious act of copying, he creates extra space for reflection.

- Mat Verbekt on Toon Tersas, translated from Dutch in De wereld als een kiosk, of: hoe schrijft een autodidact zijn leven, in the publication Toon Tersas, 1997

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