Un example

218 1994 un%20example

Jimmie Durham


Sculpture, 46 x 65 x 11 cm.
Materials: Wood, stone, papier maché, glass, coal expoxy

Collection: Private Collection, Antwerp.

Un example [sic] is a piece in which stones are organized in an atypical structure, forming what looks like an architectural unit. This artwork was part of Durham’s installation at the exhibition Architexture in 1994, an ensemble of works which figured at the starting point of Jimmie Durham’s anti-architecture discourse.

“Most of nature in cities has been organized: for the un-hindered flow of different kinds of traffic and for the discipline that civilization believes is necessary. Cities are as stony, for example, as are hills and plateaux, but the stones are usually ordered into buildings, streets, curbs, monuments. They, like us, must work.” [full text here]

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