Ronde watjes [Round cotton balls]

Henk Peeters


Mixed Media, 200 x 90 cm.
Materials: mixed media

Collection: Caldic Collection, Wassenaar.

Henk Peeters (b. 1925) in 1958 co-founds the Nederlandse Informele Groep with Armando, Henderikse and Schoonhoven, and in 1961 the Nul group with the same artists. He too uses repetition as working method, first with ‘pyrographs’ (geometric patterns of burnt flecks), and from 1960 makes plane-reliefs and then luminous and reflection paintings. Peeters also works with ‘soft’ materials like cotton balls and embroideries; still later objects aimed at our sense of touch, with nylon fleece, clothing accessories, etc.

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