Art is the arrangement

Pieter Engels



Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. S0329).

It is not easy to discern styles and trends in Pieter Engels’ work. He examines various subjects, including himself, through various media. During the 70s, for example, he created several works in a completely darkened studio. In this way he hoped to discover what the spectator experiences whenever he sees a new work of art. The sense of sudden discovery and ecstasy, of directly seeing and experiencing. Artisthood is not normally favoured with anything like this. In this light, it becomes clear that seriousness and humour are common features of Pieter Engels’ work. This is also true of the 1979 work *Art is the arrangement*. Objects are arranged in space. Each of them refers to the title. The concepts of *Angle*, *Rectangle* and *Triangle* are contained in the word ‘A-R-T’ in the title. They also refer to art as a concept. Engels plays with this. He makes the spectator seek the interpretation of the work and what art can do to you. This can erupt into a discussion and broaden possible insights into the reasons for the existence of art.

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