Praca de Dom Pedro, Lisbon

Jef Lambrecht


Photography, 35 mm.
Materials: photograph reversal

Collection: Collection Samarkand.

preparatory photographs, Lisbon (made during a visit to the exhibition (with work 'in advance of an absent mind' van Antonio Cerveira Pinto) at the CAM Gulbenkian in 1989 or 1991) (visiting as journalist to report on exhibition by R. Raveel?) (part of a more extensive group, partially lost)


The column of Pedro IV in the 'Praça dom Pedro IV, also known as Rossio Square in Lisbon, one of the oldest square in the city, had been considered as being topped with modified statue of Maximilian I of Mexico before his execution made him 'obsolete' – by now this popular theory had been rebuffed, but at the time of Jef's visit (or because he liked this kind of story, especially when connected to Belgian Dynastic lore...) it was still a viable interpretation.


Jef made various photographs and sketches, especially of the double-lanterns lighting the column and square – to use as main image of a 'Lanterne de Lantin' sent from there... The double as referring to the double-headed eagle, as well as the double doubt about the story of Maximillian I of Mexico (Ferdinand Maximillian Joseph Maria von Habsburg-Lotharingen) and his bride Charlotte of Belgium...

(fact that Maximilian had been engaged to Maria Amalia of Brazil before she died of scarlet fever is another layer)

The tragic story of the couple a more or less enlightened monarchy gone wrong would have been an interesting venue to pursue – but as far as known, Jef did not continue in this direction – possibly because the connection to the column was based more on hearsay than fact.


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