Drijfsteen Duyfsteen in situ

Ariane Tierssoone Jef Lambrecht


Photography, 10 x 15.
Materials: paper, emulsion

Collection: M HKA, Antwerpen - Schenking Samarkand, 2019.

Some views  -  Duifsteen Druifsteen (dove-stone drip-stone?)

This exhibition was a duo-show of work by Ariane Tierssoone and Jef Lambrecht, but also became an installation/environment/composition using various aspects of the house – in fact the show lasted only a day, due to unforeseen complications and had to be removed in all haste. Here some 'action' photographs, references to displayed works and the creation of the 'JEP' banner, made on the spot as a sort of performance. Though short-lived it was a seminal exhibition.


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