Voskhod Cooperative, 2020

Lena Kolesnikova

Installation, 6 x 4 x 4.5 m .
Materials: aerated concrete blocks, household items, paper, watercolor, cardboard, photo printing, documentary videos

This project is devoted to specific areas of post-Soviet cities — living garage cooperatives. Lena Kolesnikova researched architecture and structure of these areas, which reflect social processes of all contemporary cities such as urbanization, migration, unequal income distribution, unemployment, etc. Central object is an installation of a two-storied garage building made of concrete blocks, scrap metal, timber and reused materials; with cheap wallpaper, homemade shelves, and household items found on Avito.ru. It is accompanied with videos: inside the garage — interviews with residents, authors of their own garages; outside — the streets of one of the garage cooperatives — an area of 700 houses, as well as architectural drawings and pop-up postcards. 

More about the project: typography-online.ru/2020/06/20/elena-kolesnkova-voskhod-eng/


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