Zwarte Wijze / Lucy

Jef Lambrecht


Poster, ca. 120 x 85.
Materials: paper, ink (printing)

Collection: M HKA, Antwerpen - Schenking Samarkand, 2019.

Large format reproduction of drawing and stamps for an installation "Zwarte Wijze" in AK-37; at top "Lucy" spiralstamp:"1444+444+104-5 en 1444+444+104+2 Gina £ire in Ethiopia Africa Dependence, Belgian Institute for World Affairs, Australopithecus Ramidys Aramis Repent Lucy"  - head - and zelfmade stamp 'Zwarte Wijze" (Black Magi / black way or manner)

(Lucy is now identified as 'afarensis')

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