A Stone Rejected by the Builder (2)

Jimmie Durham


Sculpture, 26 x 48 x 20 cm, 75 x 59 x 28 cm.
Materials: Stone, wood, acrylic paint

Collection: Courtesy of the artist and Wien Lukatsch, Berlin.

“It’s very poetic, isn’t it? I like it for the poetics of the idea of stones rejected by the builder. Several people have told me that it comes from the Bible, but I don’t know how it comes from the Bible. It doesn’t sound very Christian to me and I don’t know enough about the Bible to know where it might come from. But whether or not it’s from the Bible, when you say Stones Rejected by the Builder, you assume that there is a builder, which to me means an architect, and the fact that this builder can reject the stones means that the architect is hierarchically on top, he’s the boss of the city, the boss of our lives. It’s not a very nice idea to me.” [full text here]

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