…agora se eu ficar sabendo que meu pai encostou minha mãe, eu mato ele…

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Rosana Palazyan


Object, 28 x 41 x 36 cm .
Materials: Embroidery, dolls (cotton, wire, polyamide stocking), pillow

Collection: Colecção da Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Lisbon.

"Important: In this object there is embroidery with white thread a part of the testimony sentences of the young boy interviewed by me. These words are so important for all the comprehension of the work. So it is very important that this work needs to be installed in the central of a space room. Because it needs to be seen by the spectator in all of it sides." - Rosana Palazyan, 2011

Text embroidered around the piece in English version: “…When I was a kid my father used to beat my mother up…There was nothing I could do, I just stood there watching… Now, if I happen to know that my father laid a hand on my mother, I’ll kill him…”

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