Marthe Wéry


Mixed Media, 153 x 386 cm.
Materials: acrylic, canvas, MDF

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK5668_M72).

This series of three paintings by Marthe Wéry form a single entity with the wall. Marthe Wéry plays with the boundary of the painting: where does the work begin and end? She examines the relationship between the frame and the picture plane and their mutual interchangeability. In this way the painting also becomes an installation, and is inseparable from the space between and around it. A painting becomes an object and enters into dialogue with the space where it is exhibited. Marthe Wéry sees each work as another step in her continuing study of painting. Originally, in her monochrome works, she concentrated mainly on investigating the basic components of painting: support, format, colour and brushwork. She asks the question ‘what makes something a painting?’ She later shifted her attention to the relationship between her work and the surroundings. Click [here] to read the full text.

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