Hedwig Houben

Materials: Plasticine

Collection: Courtesy of the artist and Galeire Fons Welters, Amsterdam.

For SWEEP, TAP, SWOOOOOP, Houben creates a new version of the work De Freule en de Gladiool at the entrance of M HKA's IN SITU space. She invites M HKA employees to take care of the artwork during the exhibition. To do so, everyone gets a personal broom, named by their owner. Houben is interested in the shifts that occur when works exist in different contexts and roles are swapped.

With thanks to: Anastasia, Annelien, Bert, Christine, Christophe, Dieter, Els, Ekaterina, Evi, Gabriela, Giulia, Ilse, Jan, Jan, Kaat, Katrien, Leen, Lode, Lot, Lotte, Madiken, Marjon, Martine, Melanie, Nav, Nikoleta, Piet, Roel, Sabine, Sarah and Veerle.

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