Lake View Limited Offer

Lakeview image sveta shuvaeva

Sveta Shuvaeva


Installation, 250 x 405 x 950 cm (Variable).
Materials: wooden board, paint, paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp / Collection Flemish Community.

"I would gladly live there, if only I didn’t work here. There, in a cosy respectable oasis with picturesque views I would enjoy in the evenings. I never had the chance to live by the lake. You have to pick one of the top storeys, to get a splendid view, especially in the evenings when the sunset can be observed. Unlimited views of the sky and the lake, friendly neighbours, sports, clean air and a beautifully designed entrance – a place every risk manager like me can only dream of. A young ambitious construction company understands what a 21st century man needs and knows how to make his life happy. This is, in my opinion, the basis for premium-class unique architecture.  

It’s plain as day, I’d live there, if I only didn’t have to work here. Here, we have modest salaries (by metropolitan standards) and our schedules are so tight we hardly have time for any private life. Sometimes, we get together with old buddies and talk about our jobs. I love the busy attitude of every one of us, it’s no coincidence we became friends. Now, while we still have time and effort, we have to work and earn a living. I can’t say I’m content with my work, but I know it’s only the first step towards my empire of happiness. It’s as if I’m boldly standing in line to my window, where I’ll get all the necessary papers for the lot I can begin construction in. For several years, I have asked myself, which window should I address, and it seems that only now, after moving to a new position, I know the answer.

I am positive that, thanks to my future career growth, it will be me who will eventually purchase the last lake view apartment.                                                                                                           

A reasonable proprietor"

*Text: Sveta Shuvaeva

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