James Lee Byars


Video, 00:10:00.
Materials: 16 mm film transferred onto video, black and white

Collection: Galerie Michael Werner, Märkisch Wilmersdorf, Cologne and New York.

"Maybe the complete autobiography could be one sentence, I don’t know but just arbitrarily in this instance I have many pages and I would… I think that the autobiography and the process of arriving at it is very related to the idea of the connectedness of people. I think that our consciousness and our existence is more connected than we generally perceive. What is memory for example? What does memory mean? How is it that I can come with an idea like the airplane and many people understand this. Does everyone know everything already, I don’t know. How do you find out something fresh? How do you understand that this could be important?" - James Lee Byars

(From: James Lee Byars / Antwerp 18 April-7 May 1969, Jef Cornelis, First broadcast: VRT 1, 28/11/1969)

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