Letter to Jef Cornelis, Walter Van Dyck and Ludo Bekkers

James Lee Byars


Brief, 9 x (51 x 70.5 cm).
Materials: Pink silk paper

Collection: Courtesy VRT - Archief- en Documentbeheer.

Brief aan Jef Cornelis, Walter Van Dyck en Ludo Bekkers

"Jeff and Walter and Mr Bekkers,
At last my Ghost show has cooled down enough for me to spend a few hours on 28. First it is important for me to have multiposs. considered and set up for rapid change (if I want) and my style is to keep improving up to the last minute, so these letters are so slow and easily misunderstood – please clear some telegram time for me or telephone me – I will be giving this full time attention from Hudson for a week or so – I’ll send another list of people soon – please telegram them for OK’s. what substitutes exist for technical failures? Besides films? And which ones? People? Walter your letters are grand so do than the opportunity for me to observe the sensibilities of there TV-types – I would also appreciate seeing concise TV-criticism of programs and statements of TV aims made by the station and I will need on the second day assistance for answering calls made into the station (with questions) about 4 hrs time, say noon to 4 p.m. (schedule) on 29. Can’t that be live on radio? Will both Flemish and French be avail on 28? I will need if Jeff is too busy a polyglot assistant. Repeat 60 min. – 5 minutes intro. Calls 5 min mid. calls 5 min and = 15 to 25 calls – Have how to keep people on the line (sev calls at once?) also I would like to have a list of spontaneous callee’s (no previous notice). I will choose then, so keep some call time open – I’m very concerned about responsibility relagations (even in the Ghost show (a vast simplicity) to keep up was extraordinarily poor difficult). The TVshow must be a collosal network and I hate not being in closer touch – so immed. upon arriv. I would like to see sublim. tests – W – The mess unit for radio Band 100 is a needed comm. unit so if it doesn’t work then total screen fastest speed try or (repeat) auditory subliminal directions with or without total screen blackout also I want to feed gift questions like “Do you have an affection for questions” or “Which questions have disappeared?” Into the program – if none works the a bottom screen feeder in flashing lights – chairs – colors? mat? I know it doesn’t matter on screen but to me – also –
considering other possibilities of presentation – for example a red silk ring for 100 people (Ghent students? Or ) or Robots (do you [soft electricones in Belgium? That hum with electric brains?) check? Can a ring be made when I arrive? Me sitting in the mid. with all looking In (silently) breathing simultaneouslywould be a great consciouness group – because I’m very anxious fot this to be my most fantastic show. I may come early even nov.15th or so as to the letter of invitation – I’m sorry but must insist that you pay my hotel expenses including food and trans-portation – I have no idea how much that would be but the fee is merely a token – Next no mention in the letter of the preview meetings with media experts and TVstars I want this very badly and it should be at my hotel and comfortable –If
nothing else than the all the inviting please – I would like to know what advance publicity or invitations you are doing (I’d like to see first please). It is a good chance for Ghent un. students to do a bigshow by writing their observations
of the experience – ask? – Color TV ?????? All Europe ? Globe ? ask ask ?? why not? I think it is imperative that I come sooner than 23 – I like 15. please ans. by telegram (no time) Love, James Lee Byars

PS The details are immense and I can do many only there so I stress leaving NYC on the 15th or 16th – that seems easy and best – Besides my presense adds much to willingness to do – and the final presentation must be a display of continuing to do. Love again, Ans immed"

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