A Portrait of the Artist as a Worker

Wudtke  ina  a portret of an artist as a worker  2006 photo clinckx 2

Ina Wudtke



Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp / Donated by the artist, 2006.

In the video, A Portrait of the Artist as a Worker, Wudtke recites a poetic essay written by Belgian philosopher and writer Dieter Lesage on her work. With a tone of irony and tremendous solidarity, it puts the multiple layers of artistic practice today under the microscope, along with the whole range of side jobs that artists are forced to perform simply to survive financially as artists. The video employs cheerful techniques from the world of DJs and MCs and includes performances by Ina Wudtke aka DJ T-INA darling, Berlin mc quio and Caro Leszcinski (singer of the "trash cats").  A Portrait of the Artist as a Worker is a witty, clever and provocative speech about working (as a woman) in the contemporary art world.

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