The Humpty Dance

Agathe Snow


Installation, 213 x 120 x 65 cm.
Materials: assemblage

Collection: Privécollectie.

Agathe Snow is born in Corsica, but lives and works in New York. Via her work she shapes her fascination for her own surrounding (‘Lower East Side’) as well as the collective nature of society: she organises 24-hour dance- marathons and cooks in the street for hundreds of people. Aside from these events, she creates sculptures where she tries to depict society.

The Humpty Dance is a sculpture alluding to the crucifixion of Christ. The crucified Christ is not only mounted unstable (due to the wheel he is swayed in all directions), he is also wearing a gasmask. With this work, Snow tries to depict the unstable and contaminated environment and society. The materials she uses to create the sculpture give the viewer a sense of “DIY”. The objects are usually given by friends, or found in the streets close to home.

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