I’m collecting questions. Please list yours and send to Byars (Temp. Art. in Res.) Hud. Inst. Croton, N.Y. 10520

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James Lee Byars


Andere, 43.2 x 28 cm.
Materials: paper

Collection: Courtesy Depot Isi Fiszman, Brussels.

"So running the World Question Center I tried many things. I tried as I said street-tests, I went to schools. My biggest amazement wa Columbia where I managed to hand out probably 1000 of the questionnaires which said, were regular size paper simply saying at the top “I’m collecting Questions. List yours.” And the return address of the Hudson Institute and so forth and then the numbers one to one-hundred down the side. On the reverse side there was a small ‘?’ in the middle of the page. It is interesting that I got only one return from Columbia. One questionnaire. But people dislike paper, I expect a lot of prejudice for that. So I don’t know if that’s a reasonable statistic or not."

Transcribed tape of presentation by James Lee Byars, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, April 21, 1970

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