Le Mal, la Morale et le Sentimental: Liggen, Staan, Zitten

19820000c kl

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven


Series, dimensions variable.
Materials: acrylic, felt tip and collage on plexi with iron tripod and electric wire

Collection: Courtesy of the artist.

"I distilled the movement of the human motives behind every action that is not linked to propagation or maintaining the species. These motives always include a starting point, an elaboration and a conclusion, as well as the fact that in the elaboration of things, the sum of the starting point, the starting point plus the conclusion, and the elaboration itself, are always included. I made this series for an event in Paris, to which I had been invited by squatters who unfortunately were prematurely expelled from their exhibition space. I then showed the work in the group exhibition Actuele beelding (‘Current Imaging’) at the International Culture Centre (ICC) in Antwerp."


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