If you don’t wash your own you stay dirty

2018 james lee byars photo m hka 113

James Lee Byars


Print, 25 x 17.5 cm.
Materials: typewritten on Japanese note paper

Collection: Galerie Michael Werner, Märkisch Wilmersdorf, Cologne and New York.

"I think that the Shintoism has been very interesting to me, the Shinto religion, I think it’s one of the most mysterious rituals I have ever experienced. The Noh theatre was very important to me. The writings of great poets like Issa or the paintings of great priests or such things as I mentioned: "like a dream, like a vision, like a bubble, like a shadow, like dew, like lightning.""

From: James Lee Byars / Antwerp 18 April-7 May 1969, Jef cornelis, First broadcast: VRT 1, 28/11/1969

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