La Cédille qui sourit

George BrechtRobert Filliou


Multiple, 16.3 × 20.6 × 2 cm.
Materials: enlarged matchbox containing real matchbox

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK7431_M289).

The force that drives Filliou’s work and thought is Permanent Creation. He helps to establish various Centres of Permanent Creation, such as the Poïpoïdrome and the Smiling Cedilla. As an alternative to the notion of the avant-garde, he proposes the Eternal Network, also known as ‘La fête permanente’.

The choice of the dimensions of this box was part of the Städtisches Museum catalogue editing policy and the idea of the matchbox extra large came from the director of the museum Johannes Cladders. The box contains a text by Johannes Cladders, a list of works by Filliou and Brecht from before their collaboration, a list of their works made during their stay in Villefranche and the workingspot 'La Cédille qui sourit' (1965-1968) and some iconogeaphic cards with the headmark of 'La Cédille qui sourit' and some invitations to participate in the making of an anthology of jokes by returning postcards.

Ed. Städtisches Museum, Mönchengladbach, 440 ex., numbered

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