Boekontwerp - Alle foto's genomen door Jef Geys tot 1984

Jef Geys



Collection: Courtesy Yves Gevaert.

In 1998 the five centimetre thick book Al de zwart-wit foto's tot 1998 by Jef Geys is published. As the title suggests, it contains the photo archive of the artist from his 1958 debut till the moment of publication. The work also exists as a room-filling installation; with every A3 sheet from the book pinned to the wall. Boekontwerp - Alle foto's genomen door Jef Geys … proves that much earlier, during the mid 1980s, Geys had been considering publishing his uncensored photo archive. The documents – photocopies from notes – were sent to Yves Gevaert, publisher of art books. However, the time did not prove right until 1998, when the project was completed.

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