République Géniale. Research on Filmmaking

Robert Filliou


Mixed Media, 46 x 45.5 x 13 cm.
Materials: wood, metal sheer

Collection: Foundation Walter & Maria Schnepel, Baté (Hungary).

Filliou proposes that ‘research is not the privilege of those who know, but the domain of those who don’t know’. He sees research in general, and artistic research in particular, as our best chance to live our lives in a spirit of curiosity and experimentation.

Excerpt of the conversation between Robert Filliou (RF) and Irmeline Lebeer (IL), Flayosc, France, August 1976.

RF: Well, we are at ‘Filmmaking’. There are two things: the films I made and Projects for Filmmaking, which are objects. What I can do for the films is to make a list, which I’ll take from the Documenta catalogue: with George Brecht. Cinema Reinvented… Or do we try to get a photo? [Robert] Guigny might have one, taken while filming, like in real cinema. I have the photos of Projects for Filmmaking. We bring them out later.

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