Eins. Un. One.

Robert Filliou


Mixed Media, variable dimensions.
Materials: wood

Collection: Collection MAMCO, Geneva.

To comment on his work, Robert Filliou emphasized Buddhism. Within a few months of entering a three-year, three-month and three-day retreat at the Tibetan Studies Center in Chanteloube, southern France he spoke of the mandala that "shows his interest in the link between art and tantra ". But, in the determination of its formal status, Eins. un. one... also recalls that Filliou, remained attached to the Fluxus approach in which his work had developed since the Early 1960s: inventiveness, detachment and sense of improvisation, following the spirit of performance that had been the crucible of the Fluxus experience and his own. 

« Eins. un. one… peut se concrétiser, se concrétise et se concrétisera sans limites dans les formes et les combinaisons de formes les plus diverses. Un jet aléatoire de 5000 dés ou plus sur une surface plane (pouvant aussi prendre forme de spirale, etc.) dans l’espoir qu’ainsi au moins se constitue l’impression furtive de l’interpénétration et de l’identité du cosmos entier. » - RF

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