Alexandre Estrela


Video, 82 x 54 x 58,5 cm.
Materials: Slides, Metal screen, Ektapro Kodak, Arion Mirage, Media player, Slide projector

The function of eye blinking is non-existent in most of the blind due to the reduced sensitivity of their ocular surface. This piece is composed of a diaporama of a single image, a composition of photographs of human and animal eyes with profound cataracts. The milky white inside of the retina approximates the eye with a lunar landscape, evoking a non-reflexive image closed in on itself. The pace of the diaporama is determined by the rhythm of eye blinking registered in the action of seeing this image for a long period of time.

Moondog (1916 – 1999) was a legendary blind American street musician.

Estrela, A. Meio Concreto. Fundação de Serralves, Porto, 2013. p. 82

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