A Gambling battle between a curator and an artist

Jan HoetJan Fabre


Performance, 03:00:00.

Jan Fabre & Jan Hoet


Tokyo, Patchinko Hall


'In the early evening flirted with the Japanese
Lady Luck again, what a woman!
Played Patchenko for hours together with Jan,
and again he couldn't stop either.
It's a hallucinatory sensation, the sound of hundreds
of thousands of small silver-coloured balls hitting
each other from different directions at high speed.
I Have always liked gambling.
The higher the stakes, the bigger the kick.
I like the sublime moment of the power decision.
I Gamble to win, but not for the winnings.
The game itself is much more fascinating,
even when one loses. The essential thing
is the tension. And the effect it has on me.
When I left I had the feeling my organs were
floating around inside my body.' 

(Jan Fabre, Tokyo, 24 May 1991)


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