We went uptown and let us tell you, it was fantastic

Jan Fabre


Performance, 2 evenings a week.

New York, Park Avenue

In collaboration with friend and artist Anson Seeno, Fabre makes and signs small drawings on dollar bills. He tries to sell these and bags of salt as visual art works to passers-by. This performance touches upon the value of the artist’s signature. 


'It's really great doing things without planning them.
Just for fun.
Today I did a performance with Anson Seeno
on Park Avenue (Uptown).
We set ourselves up at a table outside a bank.
We signed packets of salt and 1 dollar notes
and tried to sell them.
Didn't sell anything, but had a fantastic blazing
argument with a group of sometimes
10 to 15 passers-by on the miraculous relationship
between capitalism and art.'

(Jan Fabre, New York, 22 February 1982)


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