The Rea(dy)-make of the Money Performance

Jan Fabre


Performance, 00:50:00.

​Antwerp, Ankerrui Theatre

After the infamous Money Performance the audience returns. This time the artist creates an exhibition with the collected fees, walks around in a suit made of money and pockets the surplus. The audience does not tolerate this.


'It's night.It feels good.

Last night I did The Rea(dy)-make of the
Money Performance.
I had my nerves under control
and my energy was focused.
The concept was just right.
The public didn't get what it came
for and what it had read in the papers:
scandal and success.
I gave them confusion and a new performance.'

(Jan Fabre, Antwerp, 11 January 1980)

'The press, what an unworldly medium.
How odd!
Two newspapers wrote exactly the same
about my performance:
'The originality of the ideas remains,
so we can expect a third Money Performance
from Jan Fabre.'
The answer to that is simple: FORGET IT!
What do they think, those journalists,
that an artist is a DJ (we request, you spin).'

(Jan Fabre, Antwerp, 16 January 1980)


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