Burglaries & Street Fights

Jan Fabre


Performance, various duration.

Antwerp, docklands, Brasschaat & Schilde

To collect material the young artist breaks into villas in the richer parts around Antwerp. He and his friends form the gang of Cartouche. The stolen goods are fenced to pay for art supplies or used in installations. 

'I had to be active in different realities because at home there was no money to support going to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. So as a young guy I was raised on the street; to survive and to pay for all my materials for the Academy I went to work in the weekends in restaurants and also became a small resourceful gangster—breaking into villas and taking whatever valuables I could carry.' (source: Celant, G. Jan Fabre. Stigmata. Action & Performances 1976-2013. Skira, 2014, p.160)

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