Garçon, Garou, Gargouille

002 m

Jimmie Durham


Sculpture, 150 x 400 cm.
Materials: papier maché, pvc pipe, leather

Collection: Collection FRAC Pays de la Loire, Carquefou.

The face of a boy in papier-mâché comes out of a PVC tube. The title of the artwork seems to justify its elements, creating a series of associations: the garçon (boy); the garou (werewolf, an intermediary being capable of transforming itself); and finally the gargouille (gargoyle), an architectural element designed to drain rainwater running down from the side of a building, usually seen in cathedrals in the form of scary creatures.

This piece was first made for the show Architexture, where Jimmie Durham developed a commentary on European architecture, tradition and beliefs, inaugurating his Eurasia project.

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