Public Poster Program II



M HKA, Antwerp

01 January 2017 - 31 December 2017

Public Poster Program

Over the course of 12 months works by various international and locale artists is shown in a display case in Ostend and Antwerp. The industrially screenprinted posters are presented in metal office cases, which have been installed in publically accessible spaces. Both Mu.ZEE and M HKA take part in this progamme. Once the year is over, the exhibition can be repeated endlessly at new locations. This is the second year M HKA participates in the programma. You can find the first edition here.

This exhibition programme was developed by MOREpublishers. They create editions, exhibition, presentations and interventions and invite artists to work within the existing format. The work The Best Couples in the World (Like Salt and Pepper) from Nel Aerts in the M HKAFE, was also published by the MOREpublishers.

1. Johannes Wohnseifer, Fractured Spectrum, 2017

2. Jimmie Durham, The World, 2017

3. Ryan Gander, *(Ee Ouw Arh ...), 2017

*(Ee Ouw Arh ...) 50,000 year-old noises that constitute the basis for the sound of our vowels and in turn the beginning of language, typeset in a typeface newly-invented by the artist called Set in Stone Regular produced by Adrien Vasquez of John Morgan Studio, based on a collection of stones found on the beach by the artist’s daughters.

4. RIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA, Untitled, 2017 (do we dream under the same sky) (poster) *, 2017

* each copy of the edition consists of a set of 3 posters- including an English, French and Dutch translation.

5. Wilhelm Sasnal, Poor Spring, 2017

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