"But writing! What an invention! What a marvelous monstrosity! When I write I know that I am drawing. (…) As an invention, writing has replaced memory with law, and therefore metaphor with “truth.” Writing invented history and tied us to it. All of us who write, then, or use words in any way, have the responsibility to become poets." [full text [here](http://ensembles.mhka.be/items/2338)] Jimmie Durham has remained an active poet and essayist throughout his career. His writings have been published in various magazines, books and catalogues. In this ensemble you'll find a selection of texts written by Durham after the publication of [A Certain Lack of Coherence](http://ensembles.mhka.be/items/828) in 1993. See also: [Poetry](http://ensembles.mhka.be/ensembles/poetry)

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