M HKA gaat digitaal

Met M HKA Ensembles zetten we onze eerste échte stappen in het digitale landschap. Ons doel is met behulp van nieuwe media de kunstwerken nog beter te kaderen dan we tot nu toe hebben kunnen doen.

We geven momenteel prioriteit aan smartphones en tablets, m.a.w. de in-museum-ervaring. Maar we zijn evenzeer hard aan het werk aan een veelzijdige desktop-versie. Tot het zover is vind je hier deze tussenversie.

M HKA goes digital

Embracing the possibilities of new media, M HKA is making a particular effort to share its knowledge and give art the framework it deserves.

We are currently focusing on the experience in the museum with this application for smartphones and tablets. In the future this will also lead to a versatile desktop version, which is now still in its construction phase.


Bijl  guillaume  tv quiz dekor  1993 foto syb'l. s.   pictures ©image: Syb'l S. Pictures

"Society is not as idealistic as one imagines. That's also why I seriously question society, the civilisation in which we live. In the face of the manipulation and exploitation of the Third World, our society sometimes tends towards the colonial and is certainly laden with capitalism. That's why I illustrate these phenomena, but now as a sort of archaeology of the era." - Guillaume Bijl

Guillaume Bijl is considered as a key figure of the 1980s art scene in Belgium, with installations that graft reality onto the art world, but his oeuvre goes back further still. The M HKA has a particular interest in this earlier work, especially in the conceptual works from out of which his subsequent pieces would spring. Additionally, the M HKA has collected an extensive ensemble comprising different of his important installations, including the Autorijschool [Car Driving School], the TV-Quiz Decor, and the reminder of the key work Chaussures ICC.

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Themes & Categories

Bijl guillaume autorijschool z 1997 1989%289%29

>Transformatie Installaties [Transformation Installations].

Bk7589 c

>Situatie Installaties [Situation Installations].

Bijl  guillaume  compositions trouv%c3%a9  1993%281%29

>Composities & Compositions Trouvées [Compositions & Compositions Trouvées].



>Guillaume Bijl, Project - notities [Project Notes], 1969-1975.Drawing, ink, paper.

2012 zaalzicht bijl

>Guillaume Bijl, Behandelingen, 1975-1979.Collage, ink, paper, 6 x (80 x 60 cm).

Bk7589 c

>Guillaume Bijl, Project Pleasures, 1977.Collage, ink, paper, 6 x (80 x 60 cm).

Bk7591 a

>Guillaume Bijl, Projecten [Projects], 1977.Drawing, ink, paper, 13 x (30 x 40 cm).

Bijl guillaume 10 foto's van installaties 1979 1985  photom hkaclinckx4 stedelijk museum amsterdam nr 10uitgesneden

>Guillaume Bijl, 10 colour photographs of installations, 1979-1985.Photography, photographs, 31 x 49 cm.

Bijl,%200004%20guillaume,%20autorijschool%20z,%20%201979 1989%20photo%20syb'l%20s%20pictures

>Guillaume Bijl, Autorijschool Z [Car - driving school Z], 1979-1989.Installation, mixed media, 260 x 535 x 1024 cm.

Guillaume bijl chaussures ic%c3%a8c%c3%a8

>Guillaume Bijl, CHAUSSURES Icécé, 1980.Mixed Media, ink, paper, paint, wood, variable dimensions.


>Guillaume Bijl, 235 Belangrijke en Minder Belangrijke Foto's van de 2de helft van de 20e Eeuw. [235 Important and Less Important Photos from the 2nd half of the 20th Century.], 1986-1995.Installation, photo, paper, 235 x ( 26 x 19 cm).

Bijl  guillaume  compositions trouv%c3%a9  1993%281%29

>Guillaume Bijl, Composition Trouvée (Rommelmarkt), 1988.Installation, mixed media, 75 x 220 x 230 cm.

Bijl  guillaume  tv quiz dekor  1993 foto syb'l. s.   pictures

>Guillaume Bijl, TV-Quiz decor [TV Quiz Show Decor], 1993.Installation, mixed media, 1300 x 900 x 400 cm.

Bijl  guillaume  compositions  trouv%c3%a9  1993

>Guillaume Bijl, Composition Trouvée (à l'affiche / prochainement), 1993.Installation, mixed media, 100 x 180 x 6 cm.

Bk7590 a

>Guillaume Bijl, Affiches.Poster, ink, paper, variable dimensions.