Victoria Begalskaya

Annoniem female

° 1965

Born in UA, works in Moskou (RU).

Victoria Begalskaya (°1965) is originally from Dnepropetrovsk, a city in the Ukraine. She graduates from the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts. She currently works in Moscow as a painter and film artist.

In her films Begalskaya makes a parody of familiar situations taken from daily life in Russia and the Ukraine, for instance, taking a military parade and setting it to contrasting music and involving soldiers with peculiar facial expressions, lending an ironic quality to her work. Creating mocking, folkloric montages, she provides the viewer with a pitiless perspective on what social reality looks like in the Post-Soviet Era.

In 2014 she set up a joint project with Aleksandr Vilkin, Marina Denisova, Sergey Potapov, Karina Katwoman Dulina and Baretta, (Teresa Creative Union of Sex-Workers and Artists) all streetwalkers from Leningrad, with whom which she created the “Teresa Creative Union of Sex-Workers and Artists”. Together they developed a puppet theatre using cardboard cut-out figures, paintings and objects, where encounters between sex workers and their clients are staged, given a shape in which the tragedy of the theme always hovers between the moral and the cheerfully debauched. The melancholy interwoven throughout almost makes the harsh reality of the situation tolerable. Almost, but not quite. This film doesn't purport to be an activist protest against male dominance, rather, it is a “grave” parody that can be perceived as being a critique of this critique. It evidences a sense of bravura and pride, and is a clear demonstration that the prostitutes performing in this puppet theatre have not lost control over who they are.

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