Sergey Bratkov


° 1960

Born in Kharkiv (), lives in Moscow ().

Sergey Bratkov (°1960) is born in Kharkov, Ukraine, where he finishes his studies at the Repin Art Academy in 1978 and at the Polytechnic Academy in 1983. As a photographer, he becomes a member of the artists’ collective "Litera A” in the eighties, and subsequently of the “Rapid Response Group”, which is known for creating provocative photo campaigns, as a reaction to political and social atrocities. Bratkov has been living and working in Moscow since 2000.

He creates series of photos and video-installations, installation and performances. His works reflect the social reality of Russia and the Ukraine, focussing on the life of the homeless, the poor and the impoverished middle-class. He shows social poverty in post-Soviet daily life and transforms it through very specific, at times absurd, choices in his imaging.

His work is known for its brutal openness and biting irony, whereby provocation is a necessary evil for achieving the goal of gaining sharper insights. With his carefully staged visual language, Bratkov questions propaganda of a continent in transition: caught between a glorification of the Soviet system, on the one hand, and the illusion of a free market on the other hand, which has been idealised by mass media. These serially conceived photos of Bratkov are his artistic witnesses of social resistance.

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