M HKA gaat digitaal

Met M HKA Ensembles zetten we onze eerste échte stappen in het digitale landschap. Ons doel is met behulp van nieuwe media de kunstwerken nog beter te kaderen dan we tot nu toe hebben kunnen doen.

We geven momenteel prioriteit aan smartphones en tablets, m.a.w. de in-museum-ervaring. Maar we zijn evenzeer hard aan het werk aan een veelzijdige desktop-versie. Tot het zover is vind je hier deze tussenversie.

M HKA goes digital

Embracing the possibilities of new media, M HKA is making a particular effort to share its knowledge and give art the framework it deserves.

We are currently focusing on the experience in the museum with this application for smartphones and tablets. In the future this will also lead to a versatile desktop version, which is now still in its construction phase.


©image: Jan De Vree

1945 - 2017

Born in Vobarno (IT), died in IT.

Sarenco is the pseudonym of northern Italian poet and artist Isaia Mabellini, who during his versatile artistic career is both gallery owner and publisher of art books, editions, sonorous poetry and catalogues, as well as agitator, animator and curator.

In 1969, Sarenco founds Amodulo, a publishing house for concrete art and visual poetry, and an eponymous magazine in which he publishes his militant poetry views. Sarenco is one of the most significant exponents of the anti-institutional underground culture in Italy. Along with Belgian poet Paul De Vree, he starts the very polemical art magazine Lotta poetica in 1971, as an antipode to Giancarlo Politi's Flash Art. The magazine becomes the international nucleus and advocate for a socially critical and engaged visual poetry – poesia visiva – and appears until 1987.

With words and images and via various associations, Sarenco wants to appeal to the viewer, demystifying (often using offensive comments) the way the political and cultural arena is coded.


>Sarenco, Kein Gott [No God], 1968.Drawing, 29.4 x 21 cm.

>Sarenco, Poetical License, 1969.Mixed Media, digital print, canvas, 99 x 64 cm.

>Sarenco, Il popolo è forte, armato vincerà [The people is strong, armed it will prevail], 1971.Drawing, paper, 29.4 x 21 cm.

Exhibitions & Ensembles

> Exhibition: A NON-U-MENTAL HISTORY OF M HKA – Part 2: What must be heard. 11 September 2021 - 09 January 2022.

> Exhibition: Paul De Vree. 19 September 1981 - 08 November 1981.

> Exhibition: Paul De Vree: Neonlicht [Paul De Vree: Neon Light]. 05 October 2012 - 20 January 2013.

> Exhibition: Urgent Conversations: Antwerp – Athens, Part III. 16 September 2017 - 12 November 2017.

> Exhibition: Urgent Conversations Athens - Antwerp. 31 October 2016 - 05 February 2017.

> Ensemble: Aanwinsten 2016 [Acquisitions 2016].

> Ensemble: NUCLEUS.

> Ensemble: Poetical License.

> Ensemble: Smoke Art.