Pol Bury

1922 - 2005

Died in Paris (), born in Haine-Saint-Pierre ().

Already in his early geometric abstract work, Bury was clearly no follower of orthodoxy. And when, from 1953, he begins experimenting with movement, irony sneaks in as well. First with ‘plans mobiles,’ paintings with moving parts, and then with ‘érectiles,’ metal strips or nylon staves mounted on panels and set in motion via electromotors. Important is the relationship between artwork and viewer within a playful context, and how one’s attention is held by the irregular, slow movements. All the works that Bury shows in Antwerp in 1959 have been either destroyed or lost. The related work in the current exhibition was made by the artist as a wedding gift for friends, who named it ‘Monsieur et Madame’.


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