Mark Verstockt

1930 - 2014

Born in Lokeren (BE), died in Antwerpen (BE).

Marc Verstockt or Mark Verstockt (Lokeren, 16 July  1930 – Antwerp, 14 May 2014) was a sculptor, graphic artist and painter. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, together with Dan Van Severen. They became proponents of constructivism. He immersed himself in abstraction and the study of geometric shapes.

Verstockt produced sculptures, the most famous of which is the monumental sculpture ‘Signaal’ in Sint-Niklaas. He experimented with video and the art of printing books. In 1971 he published ‘This is not a book’. Verstockt earned a reputation as a theoretician with the publication, in 1982, of ‘De Genesis van de vorm, van chaos tot geometrie’ (the Genesis of form, from Chaos to Geometry), an in-depth study of three fundamental shapes: the circle, the square and the triangle.

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