Maria Stangret Kantor

° 1929

Lives in Krakow (Poland).

Maria Stangret studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków from 1955 -1960. She took part in all performances by Cricot 2 – avant-garde theater created by Tadeusz Kantor. She works on various media like painting, environment, theater, literature. Rich colors and a light, expressive line dominate her paintings in the initial phase of her artistic career. Over time, a more rational approach to the creative process supplants her spontaneity. She begins introducing additional objects into her works, transcending the domain marked off by the surface of the canvas and the classical imagination of the form of the painting. In her work, she integrates and annexes the space that “belongs to” the viewer, who is drawn into the multiple significances of the games she plays with art.

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