Imma Ávalos

° 1982

Lives in Barcelona (ES).

Alicia Kopf's (pseudonym of Imma Ávalos) work's expressive dimension is related to her studies in Fine Arts and Comparative Literature, studies that allow her to get closer to subjects as diverse as poor housing or the epic of polar exploration from a position that combines both awe and ironic distance. Alicia Kopf’s work arises from a metaphor, which allows her to perform an analytic exercise that will finally lead to different associations. Thus, in her project Articantàrtic, from the appropriation and the reshaping of graphical and narrative documents, Alicia Kopf turns a historical account into a first person narrative concerning resistance, obsession and the idea of conquest. The artistic cicle Àrticantàrtic , culminates with the novel Germà de gel, winner of the 2015 Documenta Prize for catalan authors under 35 and the Llibreter Award for the best catalan fiction book published in 2016. The Spanish version, Hermano de Hielo is now also available (Alpha Decay Publishers).

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