Hubert Renard

Hubert renard

° 1965

Lives in Paris (France).

Hubert Renard's work takes shape through photography, video, texts or performances. He is interested in everything that revolves around the art object, its environment, its paratext. He created many years ago the archives of a work that appears only through its speech, mediation, edition, diffusion: Les archives d’Hubert Renard describe the career of an namesake artist, through exhibition views, catalogs, folders, press kits, etc. This material serves for organizing documentaries exhibitions, showcases, slideshow, conferences. One can discover his work with catalogs that he writes entirely himself (illustrations, texts, design, acknowlegements, etc...). His recent interventions tend to blur the distinctions between himself and his fictional twin: the exhibition at Le centre des livres d’artistes of St. Yrieix-la-Perche (2013), the books Residence (2013) and Hubert Renard à la Galerie Souterraine (2014). He published under the name of Alain Farfall, an art critic invented to comment on his work, many texts on Hubert Renard but also on other topics, as well as Des Illusions ou l’invention de l’art, Un livre d’Alain Farfall, Éditions Incertain Sens, 2008. Alain Farfall prepares a book entitled "Merci", a study around sponsorship and economy of art, through an investigation about the acknowledgements in the colophons.

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