Frank Theys


° 1963

Lives in Brussels (BE), born in Uccle (BE).

Frank Theys (°1963) studies fine art at the Brussels Academy of Art and philosophy at Brussels University. Theys, together with his brother Koen, initially produces audio-visual work, directs and stages theatre productions. Since 1996 he creates video installations, interactive multimedia and film. Theys is driven by fundamental research question and by further reflection on the medium ‘video’.

His unique interpretation of the modern world stems from his fascination for technology and science and the effects they have on how we see and experience the world. The combination of this scientific interest and his personal reflection on the theme cause a tension that is inherent to his work. The theme of human vulnerability and our raw, everyday reality likewise recurs in his work. Theys approaches them in his own inquisitive way, offering the viewer a personal interpretation of contemporary society.

Using controlled and convincing video technique, Theys creates sensory films with an almost tangible power.

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