Filipa César

° 1975

Born in Porto (Portugal), lives in Berlin (Germany).

Filipa César is an artist and filmmaker whose work reflects on the porous nature of the relationship between the moving image and its public reception. Informed by her interests in exploring the fictional aspects of the documentary genre, and imbued with an urge to point out the politics behind moving images, works such as F for Fake (2005), Rapport (2007), Le Passeur (2008), The Four Chambered Heart (2009), and Memograma (2010) walk the thin line between storytelling, chronicling, documentary, and experimental film.

César’s installations suggest possible settings for an expanded production of moving images, which actively engage the spectator in his or her role as perceiver, and which are constituted by the presence of socio-political concerns. In Filipa César’s work the image evolves out of a struggle between real-memory and cinema-memory.

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